Tim adams



  •  CrossFit Level I
  • USAW Sports and Performance  (USA Weightlifting)

Tim's experience and enthusiasm for people and fitness makes him a perfect fit here at ReVamped. He has added so much personality to our community since 2017 and we are thrilled to have him come aboard! 

“I have been participating in Crossfit since 2012, obtained my CF-L1 ,and have been coaching CrossFit since 2013. Through CrossFit, I was introduced to Olympic Weightlifting and really took a particular liking to it. I love the mashup of absolute strength, skill, technique, accuracy and precision it requires. I completely geek out on Olympic Weightlifting. I’ve participated in quite a few meets, and received my USAW Level 1 Sports and Performance Certificate in 2014 and have been coaching it alongside CrossFit since 2014. Really, my favorite thing about CrossFit is connecting with other people. The ‘sport’ is just the common ground it all starts with. I love coaching people and helping them break down barriers; whether they’re mental or physical.”